Since in nature, there are about 1,200 species of eriocaulon, it is quite reasonable to assume that there are many different kinds and "modifications" were not sufficiently spread in aquaria.

We try to fill (as far as we can do this) this gap and introduce you to the rare species of eriocaulon. I have to say that almost all the plants, readings in this section, even the authors of this site known only by the photos on the Internet.

It is believed that under different "sp." hiding the same familiar to all aquarists plants. And the abundance of different kinds and forms - it is a commercial trick to increase the sale of this plant. We do not undertake to approve it. Everyone has the right to believe or not to believe the proposed names, take their species or kind, or not considered as such.

In this section, we offer only the photos and names of eriocaulon, not so often (or completely NOT) found in our aquariums.

Eriocaulon sp.Setaceum Thailand
Eriocaulon sp.Shiga
sp.Setaceum Thailand sp.Shiga
Eriocaulon sp.Penang
Eriocaulon sp.Palopa
sp.Penang sp.Palopa
Eriocaulon sp.Laos pakxe
Eriocaulon sp.Kumamoto
sp.Laos pakxe sp.Kumamoto
Eriocaulon sp.Kimberley
Eriocaulon sp.Guangzhou
sp.Kimberley sp.Guangzhou
Eriocaulon sp.Ban Ba Wan
Eriocaulon sp.Australia II
sp.Ban Ba Wan sp.Australia II
Eriocaulon sp.Africa
Eriocaulon sp.Ba Na
sp.Africa sp.Ba Na
Eriocaulon sp.Truncatum
Eriocaulon sp.Sexangulare
sp.Truncatum sp.Sexangulare

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