While in nature there are about 1,200 species of eriocaulon, but in aquariums they have spread very limitedly.

And it's not in the scarcity of certain species, difficulty or high cost. The fact somewhat different. Eriocaulon - wetland plants. Eriocaulon relatively well feel completely immersed, but still in a way, unfortunately, the lifetime of these plants is limited to about a year, maximum - one and a half years.

There are species such as Eriocaulon Setaceum , Eriocaulon sp.Goias или Eriocaulon sp.Vietnam, that can live and reproduce in the aquarium for a long time, but you must admit that Eriocaulon Cinereum looks much more impressive than the like to Echinodorus tenellus Eriocaulon sp.Goias.

In this section, we propose the name and photographs of eriocaulon encountered in our tanks, regardless of their lifetime under water. You can always transfer your plants from immersed state to surface condition. For example, in vivarium. Of course, if you have it...

Eriocaulon sp.Amanomanum Kirishima
Eriocaulon sp.Aquaticum
Eriocaulon sp.Rio Banana
Eriocaulon sp.Big Sulawesi
sp.Amanomanum Kirishima sp.Aquaticum sp.Rio Banana sp.Big Sulawesi
Eriocaulon sp.Bolivian
Eriocaulon sp.Breviscapum
Eriocaulon Cinereum
Eriocaulon sp.Compressium
sp.Bolivian sp.Breviscapum Cinereum sp.Compressium
Eriocaulaceae sp.Type 2
Eriocaulon sp.An son river
Eriocaulon sp.Goias
Eriocaulon sp.Hainan Island
sp.Type 2 sp.An son river sp.Goias sp.Hainan Island
Eriocaulon sp.Hemisilatama
Eriocaulon sp.H-Ra
Eriocaulon sp.Japan
Eriocaulon sp.Japan needle leaf
sp.Hemisilatama sp.H-Ra sp.Japan sp.Japan needle leaf
Eriocaulon sp.King Crimson
Eriocaulon sp.Mang Jang
Eriocaulon sp.Omami Ochimi
Eriocaulon sp.Parkeri
sp.King Crimson sp.Mang Jang sp.Omami Ochimi Eriocaulon sp.Parkeri
Eriocaulon sp.Polaris
Eriocaulon sp.Quinquangulare Red
Eriocaulon sp.Ratonagiriuni
Eriocaulon sp.San Francisco
sp.Polaris sp.Quinquangulare Red sp.Ratonagiriuni sp.San Francisco
Eriocaulon Setaceum
Eriocaulon sp.Sieboldianum
Eriocaulon sp.Udontchani
Eriocaulon sp.Vietnam
Setaceum sp.Sieboldianum sp.Udontchani sp.Vietnam

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