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Aquarium - most widespread hobby lately. The plant aquarium is the top of aquarium hobby.

Always a pleasure to see a beautiful, well-kept aquarium. And if this plant aquarium has rare plants, it's twice as nice.

Eriocaulon take a special place in an aquarium. There are no more beautiful and unusual plants in the aquarium. But, unfortunately, aquarists can not always find the answers to your questions about this rare plant. The purpose of our project - to collect as much as possible all available information. Combining all that is at the moment on the Internet, everything that has been published in the print media, and most importantly - to present our personal experience in keeping and breeding of eriocaulon.

We hope that our project will help hobbyist of eriocaulon, in their quest to grow in their aquariums these beautiful and rare plants.

About US

We are a group of eriocaulon lovers. Experts and connoisseurs. Real professionals.

This site was created by Leo Angel - aquarist and amateur of eriocaulon. In preparing the materials the author used his own extensive experience in the maintenance and breeding of rare plants. As well as photos, videos and articles from their friends - the same experts in rare and "difficult" aquarium plants. Therefore, we can rightfully claim that the project "All about Eriocaulon" not created by one person, but a group of like-minded people. And that is why you will find on all pages the words "our project", "us" etc.

And I - Leo Angel - sincerely thank all my friends for their help in creating this project.

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  • This website is a platform of creative expression of the project authors.

  • All materials - articles, photos and videos - are the personal subjective opinions

    of authors of the project.

  • Materials on this site are not a guide to action, but only provide information about

    different species of eriocaulon in the aquariums.

  • You can ask any question about eriocaulon by contacting us by any

    method described on page "Contact".

Website "All about Eriocaulon" does not pursue material gain. But anyone who want to support the project, can donate funds to pay for the server, domain name and other costs associated with maintaining the functioning of the site.